In response to members' concerns about the marking system previously adopted and in order to modernise the system in accordance with the recommendations of the WCPF, the Club instigated a major revision of the Competition Rules in May 2021 for the 2021/22 season.

The full rules can be found below.

In summary the following changes and additions have been made to the written rules:

1. Uploading into Photo Entry - The new requirements for submitting images.
2. New system of judging and scoring for Club League
3. Simplification so that only the things that are different between competition types are in a separate section.
4. Elimination of season specifics such as competition dates and horseshoe subjects. These will be on the website and in the programme.
5. Image placement on the website relative to opting out for pictures of children - para 1.11 refers
6. Definition of where the image title and comp number should be placed on prints - para 3.4 refers
7. How to get a competition number - para 3.5 refers
8. Tie breaker for the league - para 5.4 refers
9. Trophies and certificates - para 5.5 refers
10. Processing MPIs on a computer if entering for a Print or DPI competition - para 1.12 refers
11. Resubmission of images - paras1.7 and 1.8

A new "Judges Guidelines" document is also available to accompany the New Rules. A copy is available below. In summary it is intended to give judges clear briefing on important rules and it links to the Club Rules with instructions on how judges can access images for judging through Photo Entry and the new criteria for awarding images.

The Comp Secs will explain any other competition specifics such as for Comp 3 at the time.

Finally, a copy of the instructions for using Photo Entry is also available below.