During the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic, The Club is committed to follow government guidelines and to adopt safe measures using online and in-person meetings as appropriate.
The Club's Programme can be accessed by clicking on SUMMER PROGRAMME.

Latest Update - 28/01/22 - After serious consideration, the committee decided to return to in-person meeting in March and to remain online for February. This is in response to the continuing sensitivities about close proximity meetings and gives a definite timescale, after regulations have only recently been relaxed, to become accustomed to the new circumstances and prepare for what will then hopefully be a lasting return to normality.

Please do visit the programme for details and refer back to this page for the latest updates.

If members have any questions regarding the programme of events and online activities or require any technical assistance, please contact the PR Officer Michael Ginsberg.

Applications are still being invited from prospective new members who may wish to access the activities while at home, with the intention of joining meetings when normal activity is restored. For further details and information about joining the Club, please contact the Club Secretary Mike Hawkridge by clicking on this link CONTACT. Enquiries to the club are monitored daily, we will respond to you as soon as we can.