Here is where you can see our member’s images in personal member galleries.
MEMBERS IMAGES are the images that members have chosen to include in their personal galleries to illustrate their work; these galleries also include the members’ images that have done well in club competitions. All members are encouraged to have a website gallery of their favourite work.

Club members wishing to add images to their galleries should send them to our webmaster, and are reminded that images for our website should be a maximum of 980 wide by 800 high, with the title of the image included in the file name.

Members' galleries can be seen by clicking this link MEMBERS' IMAGES

MEMBERS DISTINCTION PANELS is where we provide the opportunity for our Club members to show the images that gained them their distinctions. The Club is keen to support members obtaining photographic distinctions. Nine of our Club members have distinctions from the Royal Photographic Society – a mixture of Licentiates and Associates; some have been gained recently, and others gained some years ago in the pre-digital era. At the moment there are three members who have chosen to show their distinction images. Hopefully this number will grow!

All current Members' Distinction Panels can be viewed by clicking this link MEMBERS' DISTINCTION PANELS