The club holds six internal competition evenings spread evenly through the season for; Prints, Digitally Projected Images (DPI's) and Mobile Phone Images (MPI's) (Please follow the LINK for the Competition Rules). The images are displayed anonymously, and an independent judge comments on the work and groups images by merit into categories.

Each category scores marks towards the Club Leagues and Trophies are presented at the AGM for the most successful and runner up photographers in each of Print, DPI and MPI sections.

Internal competitions are a great way to learn by getting constructive feedback on your own photography as well as paying attention to the feedback on other members’ images.

The club also has a number of less formal internal club competitions during the season following outings such as the annual Summer Rally. This is in addition to a friendly exchange competition with clubs in Holland and Finland.

Images that have been recognised for award by judges during this and past seasons can be accessed from the menu above.

The Club also takes part in external competitions:

1. The annual Torbay Battle. The venue for this competition alternates between Sidmouth and Torbay. Each Club enters prints and DPI’s which are assessed and marked by an independent judge.

2. The Annual Horseshoe Competition. This is a print and DPI Battle between four clubs – It is held at an independent venue and the work is assessed and marked by an independent judge. There are five Prints and five DPIs on set subjects and each club enters one image in each category, ten in all.

3. A three-way shoot between Exeter, Woodbury and Sidmouth clubs where images must be taken within a defined 24-hour period (usually a Saturday) and within a defined location. Images are judged a few weeks later at a special meeting in a local pub. This competition takes place every other year.

4. The annual inter-club PDI competition organised by the Western Counties Photographic Federation.

5. The newly introduced inter-club Print competition, also organised by the Western Counties Photographic Federation.