Dartmouth Railway Trip – 6th July, 2022

Steam trains and a boat trip.
A small group of Club members and guests made the trip down to Paignton to catch the steam train to Kingswear. Our train was unusually double headed as they were testing one of the locomotives following maintenance; this resulted in lots of chuffing and puffing and hissing of steam, especially on the uphill section – more than usual - as well as plenty of photo ops at each end of the journey.

The ride to Kingswear passes some lovely coastal scenery and we were not disappointed. On arrival at Kingswear we hopped onto the ferry across the Dart which gave us a bit of time to spare before our boat trip on the Dart which was exceedingly enjoyable and all the more so for the enlightening and amusing commentary by the crew.

After that we adjourned to the ancient Cherub Inn hidden away in the back streets of Dartmouth, for a good lunch and social, which was followed by more photography and then the ferry and train back to Paignton, in time to see an earlier train powered by the splendid 2253 “Omaha”, built in the USA by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia in 1943 and at the time of its construction for the European war effort considered disposable with a life of 90 days!

Altogether a very nice day out with a perfect mix of entertainment, photography, food and social company!