Bystock Pools wetter than expected

July's excursion to the beautiful nature reserve at Bystock Pools was cut short due to torrential rain.
Group at Bystock Pools - Credit Jane Baker
Group at Bystock Pools - Credit Jane Baker
An intrepid group of club photographers met in the late afternoon with the expectation of spending some peaceful hours with their cameras at Bystock Pools. Managed by Devon Wildlife Trust, Bystock Pools is a compact nature reserve and SSSI famous for the variety of habitat and wildlife especially the dragon flies and birds. Ideal for the macro and nature enthusiasts, or at least it would be normally but the weather had other ideas and after a short tour of the reserve, shortly after arriving at the lovely Water Lilly covered pond, the heavens opened. There followed an early decision to abandon proceedings and a slightly undignified scramble to get back to the carpark. Thankfully no damage was done and it did allow everyone to get home in time for the England Semi-final, proving beyond doubt that every cloud has a silver lining.

Michael Ginsberg LRPS