Lockdown success for Sidmouth PC at new online battle

Bramhall and Woodley photo clubs met Sidmouth on the 5th August for a new online competition.
Don't Look Back by Harri Morris
Don't Look Back by Harri Morris
During lockdown, online meetings have given new opportunities for some photographic clubs to host speakers from further afield and compete with other Clubs throughout the country. In a new three way online “battle” on 5th August, Sidmouth took on the collective might of non-local Bramhall and Woodley Photo Clubs and came away with the overall win with individual first awarded in the monotone and first, second and third places in the colour category. Some of the images can be seen in the competitions section of this website.

Sidmouth Chairperson, Harri Morris who's own image Don't Look Back won first place, was delighted with the evening and said, "this was such a great success, meeting new clubs who we have not competed against before over the internet in this way has been one of the few benefits resulting from the pandemic. Congratulations to all the contributors for a very high standard and thanks to the judge, John Smith, who gave us an assured and insightful evening's judging."

The scores and results were as follows:

Two of a Kind. T. Spooner. 16
Don’t Look Back H Morris.   20 and 1st.
Just Waiting. M Hawkridge 18
Galleria de la Reine. J Shaw. 16
Sisterhood. HM. 16
Night Worker. MH. 18
White With, Black Without. P Gale 18
Seeking Shelter. S Parsons 17
Yala Roosting Tree. B Reynolds 13
Mother Love. C Sullivan 18


5 Guys from Pushar. HM. 17
Scottish Wild Cat. BR.     20 and 2nd
Hoi An Man. JS. 17
Sealing The Deal. BR. 14
Spreading The News. MH. 14
Out of the Woods. M Ginsberg. 15
Old Man of Storr. SP.       20. and 3rd
Entangled Crane Fly. SP. 17
Little Owl. I Hosker.         20 and 1st.
Girl Under A Magnolia Tree. S Hall. 16

Overall Scores

Sidmouth 344
Bramhall. 324
Woodley. 315