Nightjar Evening Walk
Monday 6th July 2020

The birds are singing for me and my pals....
To alleviate the boredom of the Covid lockdown Bob Reynolds organised an evening walk on Mutters Moor, Sidmouth to seek out the Nightjar.
Four other members joined Bob at the car park there at 20.45 hours, and, social distancing, they made their way to a far corner of the moor where these elusive birds are usually found.
The sky was clear, the sun sinking slowly, but after an hour there was no sign. The group however was serenaded by the calls of blackbirds, pigeons, green woodpeckers, amongst others, together with the ever present cronking of the resident ravens, and the wind whispering in the adjacent pines.
When the sun finally disappeared the first chirring of the nightjars was heard and soon the moor became alive with this unusual unique sound.
The temperature had dropped considerably so there were few flying insects, with the birds keeping to the ground, but their calls got louder and louder, and, finally, as the group headed back to the car park, they were treated to see several of the nightjars flying above them feeding on the few moths that had taken to the air.
A unique and surreal experience.
No chances for photographs, only for having the images of these birds and their calls etched In the mind.
The time had flown too, and at 22.30 farewells were said, everyone looking forward to getting warm at home but satisfied at having seen and heard this unusual bird.