Portland Bill and Weymouth - 6 November 2019

Atmospheric Skies with added Showers
An early start from Sidmouth saw us ensconsed in the Lobster Pot cafe at Portland Bill by 9:40 for a quick cuppa before heading out to brave the elements. There were twelve of us on this trip and we spread out to take in the various photographic hotspots - Pulpit Rock, the Lighthouse, the Crane and so on. The weather was threatening rain which did eventually arrive late morning in the form of a brief heavy shower, but the skies were good and moody and the light quite wonderfull now and then.

We rounded off the visit with a luch stop at the cafe, After that a couple of our members headed back West and the rest of us drove the short distance to Weymouth arriving there at 3pm. The group spent a couple of hours in the harbour area photographing the lovely waterside buildings and port activity, remembering that we needed to take a group photo. The fishermen who we had seen earlier fishing in the race off portland Bill were now bringing in their catches to add to the photographic opportunities. We also got to see the town bridge open - promptly at 4pm to let a boat through into the marina. And then it started to rain again and we were all getting a bit chilly, so we took an executive decision to head to a convenient pub prior to finishing up at the Nautico Lounge for our evening meal.

The drive back to Sidmouth was in torrential rain but we were all home by 8:30 having had a great day out in good company.
Portland and Weymouth-1