Exeter Quay Night Shoot – 6 March

Swanning Around the Quay
It had rained all day and was still spitting and spotting when 19 of us gathered on Exeter Quay at the beginning of March for a night shoot. But fortunately the rain only lasted a few minutes more and then it was dry for the evening.
And of course we were treated to some good opportunities to photograph reflections with puddles here and there, and some wet pavements. One intrepid photographer headed off into the city to shoot the cathedral and another to find some street photography opportunities in a nearby underpass. A small group gathered on a rather slimy pontoon to shoot (photographically) the swans that were over on that side. There was the marina which attracted a few photographers, the boats drifting slowly on their moorings making it just that bit harder to get a long exposure sharp. Nearby the abseiling tower provided good night time subject matter changing its colour continuously. As the evening progressed it got colder and colder driving some photographers into our dinner venue a bit ahead of time. We finished up with an excellent meal at Venezia Exeter and a good social occasion to round off the evening.
Four weeks later we all met up at our club venue to look at a selection of photographs taken on the outing. There were over 120 images to look at from eighteen photographers and it was surprising at the variety of images we were presented with. It was certainly very interesting to see what attracted different photographers and to hear what fellow club members had to say about their images. Despite this being a first attempt at night photography for some members, the results were very pleasing with some excellent images - a credit to all those who took part.