Visit to Clevedon, Weston-super-Mare and Kilve – 16 October 2018

Early Risers Get Rewards....
16th October 2018

Early on Tuesday morning eight members of the club set out in two cars for a day’s shooting along the Somerset coast. By 9:30 we were parked on the ”sea front” at Clevedon and checking out the compositions for the Victorian pier. The pier opened at 10:00 and members wandered on to look for more close up shots. The pier was being repainted and so there was a fair bit of painter clutter spoiling some of the views, and at the same time the Clevedon “Old Codgers” angling club were lined up along the railings for a mid-week session. A couple of members were on hand to photograph catches as they were landed including an impressive conger eel.

After coffee on the pier it was time to head on to Weston-super-Mare which is about 20 minutes away. Here the tide was quite high (for Weston-super-Mare !) but on the retreat. We started with some beach shots under the pier and then some of the group headed over to the marine lake. We all met up for lunch at Stone’s café on the Knightstone causeway and then went our separate ways with one party heading over to the dilapidated Birnbeck pier while others wandered here and there searching for the perfect Weston-super-Mare shot. By the time we left at 15:30 the tide line was disappearing fast over the horizon and the few boats moored by the harbour were well and truly on the mud. Despite the cloudy nature of the day from time to time we were treated to shafts of sunlight and sunny patches against a dark grey sky that kept us on our toes as there was usually not much time to take advantage of the light before it disappeared again.

Next stop was the beach at Kilve made famous for its lines of tilted stratified rock shelving out into the Bristol Channel. The tide was still on the way out when we arrived and we were presented with a shattered landscape of rock with the tilted ridge lines running out to the sea for quite some distance. It took a while to work out which was the best direction in which to head and how to get there, and the group worked their way over some very difficult terrain to various vantage points closer to the water. Again, at various times we were treated to wonderful light, a rainbow, and a luscious red sunset that reflected in the rock pools and slowly materialised just as we were about to depart, reinforcing the landscape photographer’s mantra that the sunset is never done till it’s dark.

By 7:30 we were ensconced in the Bicknoller Inn where we had a very pleasant evening meal before heading home to Sidmouth. All in all an excellent day’s shooting in great company.

Dark Skies at Kilve