The Club's first meeting of the 208-19 season will be on Wednesday 5th September 2018 although the "Summer Rally" event will be taking place beforehand on 9th June 2018.

The Club encourages and welcomes new members and visitors at any time during the season.

The first meeting on the 5th September will commence at 7.30pm at All Saints Church Hall. Those attending are asked to be in attendance by 7.10pm.

In the Programme below, all meeting are at All Saints Church Hall, All saints Road Sidmouth unless otherwise stated.
JUNE 2018

9th Summer Rally Bristol
(Show your three favourite images at the 19th September meeting)


5th Welcome to the new season
Introduction to new members. Competition rules, print presentation and
how to resize DPIs. WCPF Exhibition DPIs.

12th Entries due for Summer Rally and Walks critique. Up to 3 DPIs per member
To be submitted to Tony Velterop

19th Show and critique images from Summer Rally and Walks
Entries due for Competition 1 (1 Print, 2 DPI's)

26th Speaker: Sheila Haycox, ARPS,DPAGB,EFIAP, MPAGB-AV
A/V - an introduction to Pictures to Exe, with examples


3rd Competition 1 to be Judged by Ken Holland, ARPS, DPAGB

17th Tutorial: How do I do that in my camera?
'Members' moments' - individual presentations

24th Torbay Battle hosted by Torbay

31st WCPF Travelling Exhibition
We discuss some of the accepted prints


14th Speaker: Chaz Madge
Colour management from camera to print
Entries due for Competition 2 (2 Prints, 1 DPI)

28th Competition 2 to be Judged by George Reekie, DPAGB, ABPE


5th Christmas Dinner at the Blue Ball Inn 19.30 hrs

12th Chairman's Evening
Including A/V competition
to be judged by Sheila Haycox, ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP,


9th South Devon Salon
Discussion panel on award winning entries
Entries due for Competition 3 (1 Print 2 DPIs) Horseshoe Trophy subjects

23rd Competition to be judged by John Tilsley, ARPS, APAGB, DPAGB


6th Critique session
Bring up to 3 prints with copies on a memory stick

20th Speaker: Paul Jones
Practical Macro evening
Entries due for Competition 4 (2 Prints 1 DPI)

MARCH 2019

13th Competition 4 to be judged by Chaz Madge

14th Horseshoe Inter-club Competition
Venue: Kilmington Village Hall

20th Speaker: Gordon Aspland
Looking for Uniqueness

APRIL 2019

3rd 3 way exchange between Kouvala, Holland & Sidmouth
Entries due for Competition 5 (1 Print 2 DPIs)

17th Competition 5 to be judged by Ian Bateman, FRPS, MPAGB, AV - AFIAP, APAGB

MAY 2019

1st AGM and Panel Competition
Bring entries on the night

15th Tutorial: portraits
Tutorial followed by a practical evening on
Photography basics. A course on this subject is being run outside of this programme.
Numbers will be limited

Horseshoe Competition subjects Prints: Close up, Land/seascape, Portrait, Nature & Monochrome
DPIs: Feather & Fur, Gold, Vanishing point, Ecclesiastical & Marine