Sidmouth Photographic Club – Competition Rules for 2018-2019 Season

1 Entries:
1.1 A print and digital image of the same picture may not be entered in the same competition. However, where a digital image has been entered in one competition, the print may be entered in a future competition and vice versa.
1.2 Prints and DPIs that have been entered once in a Club Competition cannot be entered again in a subsequent Club Competition. Exceptions to this are informal competitions and any inter-club competitions; these competitions are marked individually and do not contribute to the end-of-season points totals. Prints should be handed to the Competition Secretary at the meeting indicated in the programme. DPIs should be provided by the same date. Anyone wishing to compete, but who is unable to be at that meeting, should contact the Competition Secretary in good time to make alternative arrangements. These arrangements must be mutually convenient to both parties
1.3 There will be five internal club competitions each season, with separate competitions for Prints and DPIs.
1.4 All competitions will be of “open subjects” except for one, that will be for entries that conform with the agreed “Horseshoe Competition” subjects. The subjects for the forthcoming season will be announced at the AGM and included in the Club Programme.
1.5 For each internal Print and DPI competition, the Judge will be asked to do the following:
i) Award marks up to 20 for each Print/DPI. There is no limit to the number of Prints/ DPIs the Judge awards the same score to.
ii) Choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Print Section and the DPI Section as well “Highly Commended” and “Commended”. The "placed" images will not be given extra marks but this will be taken into account in the event of a tie at the end of the season.
At the end of the season, the marks from each round will be added together to determine the winners of cups, merit plaques and certificates in the various categories.

2 Prints & Digital Projected Images:
2.1 For competition 1 in the 2018/19 season, members may enter up to two DPIs and one Print; in competition 2 Members may enter 2 Prints and 1 DPI. This pattern will continue across all 5 competitions and overall members will have had the opportunity to enter 8 DPIs and 7 Prints.
2.2 The images may be colour or monochrome.
2.3 Prints may be home or trade processed, and must be properly mounted, the mount being 50 cm. x 40 cm. irrespective of the image size. Prints should have only a title and the entrant’s competition number on the back of the mount. Careless mounting likely to cause damage to other entries cannot be accepted. DPIs may be edited, provided the author owns the copyright of everything in the image. DPIs are to be numbered 01 followed by a space and the title.
2.4 The maximum DPI dimensions are to be no more than 1400 pixels wide in Landscape format or 1050 pixels high in Portrait format and saved as JPEGs at Quality Level 12 or 100%. The preferred method of submitting DPIs to the Competition Secretary is by e-mail attachments but submissions on a CD/DVD or computer memory stick are also acceptable.
2.5 DPIs must be submitted by the deadline published in the club’s programme to the relevant competition secretary.

3 Annual Awards:
3.1 At the end of the season, cups, merit plaques and certificates are awarded to the competition winners and runners up. No award will be made unless at least three members have entered the relevant competition.

Note: The Horseshoe Subjects for 2018/2019 are as follows: